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Travian Legends
How to start to play free Travian Legends?

   To start playing free Travian Legends right now from your Internet browser, the game requires no installation and runs straight in the browser. Entering the game after logging in and account creation. Check Travian fast, simply sign in and start playing for free online!
Travian Legends game
Travian Legends online browser game
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The game world of Travian

   Travian Legends browser game in the strategy genre, one of the first browser games of this genre, the purpose of which is the construction and development of the structure of the village, participation in trade, diplomacy and strategy of conducting military operations with other participants in the game. The game world of Travian Legends is the ancient world, with numerous battles and political intrigue and the win directly depends on the competent management of your combat tactics and strategy. To login to the game just you ordinary free registration in Travian playing Travian is completely free, the game has the status of a Free-to-Play.
    After a simple registration in Travian Legends you have to choose one of three peoples, on the side that you will fight is: - Gauls, Romans or Teutons. Each of these peoples has its own advantages and disadvantages, that is still the party game to have to adhere to some measure of the degree of strategy that harakterizuet the chosen people, for example, experienced players better suited the Romans, and the new players - Gauls, because they have a protective degree of strategy.
    In the free browser-based online strategy Travian Legends there are 2 types of interactions between players: trade and military actions, we must remember that one is a warrior and win alone the game is very difficult, great results can be achieved by teaming up with other players in-game alliances, using their diplomatic skills. Initially, the game you are the owner of a small settlement (village), consisting of only one building, and your objective is the systematic construction and development of the structure of your village.
   Browser-based online game Travian Legends there are four types of game resources: grain, wood, iron and clay, and before you begin construction of new facilities will need to mine enough resources then, you can start PostNuke and development of your village. After you build a warehouse and granary, you will have the opportunity to conserve resources, and a special hiding place will protect and hide your resources from enemies. The ancient world is ... huge, you will not be lonely in it, at the same time in the game you involve thousands of players. Pay special attention to players from neighbouring settlements, and this well will help you map the settlements, in advance, rate them as potential enemies or Vice-versa for participants obedineiya in friendly alliances.

Features Travian Legends

- Ability to build buildings and fields at the same time;
- Protective wall, which gives a high bonus to defense;
- Merchant carries 500 units of raw materials (speed: 16 fields/hour).
- Powerful infantry, cavalry has an average power;
- The development of the game one of the most expensive and time consuming.
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Travian Legends

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| Browser-based strategy |  Windows XP/Vista/7/10 | Intel 3 ГГц | RAM 1 Гб | VK 128 Мб | Russian version
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