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Stormthrone Aeos Rising - a new large-scale MMORPG, 3D browser game in the fantasy genre, shooter with dynamic combat in real time, developed by Chinese Studio "Mokylin" and published by "R2Games" - alpha test - 2014 beta test - 2015. The game takes place in a huge, colorful, fantasy world Aeos, created by three gods - Umbral, Beruva and Tem, the patron of the three races inhabiting the world - humans, moon elves and themery, which are a brutal fight with flooded world of demons and their bosses. You are invited to join one of the races and to specialize in one of six available military professions - warrior, rogue, mage, paladin, priest and hunter, developing his abilities with dozens of skills, a variety of gear and weapons up to legendary. The game has all the features the full game with the client, in addition, it allows for a mass, inter-server PvP battles, to have unlimited number of battle Pets, unrestricted by the size of the card, which is not always available in all the games with the client. Great for browser games isometric graphics with plenty of special effects and NPC, will give you juicy, rich textures, and the music of the game deserves a separate review. Especially for browser games Stormthrone Aeos Rising, the music for the game was written by the famous composer Daniel Sadowski, who is the author orchestral scores to such well-known games, such as Counter Strike, Dota 2, Megamind Rotate Puzzle, Man of Steel and many other games and movies, which have earned numerous awards and nominations for best soundtrack, including "CREE Award". His orchestral soundtracks, to reflect the depth and drama of the world Aeos. For those who want to start playing Stormthrone right now, the ignorance of the English language will not be a problem, how to start playing in a Storm the Throne, you will learn by reading our short review of the game in the browser Storm Throne with its key features and gameplay video. The game is completely free, does not require a monthly subscription and payment, has the status of a free 2 play, no download and install, play immediately after free registration, login to the game Stormthrone - standard.
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   After you register and log into the game Storm the Throne, you need to create your character, give it a unique name, choose your gender and to determine the class. The plot of the game in the browser Stormthrone, in the world of Aeos inhabited by three races of intelligent beings: 1. People are a strong, fearless, physically strong race, are rapidly developing their ability in different directions, and even start to take the first steps in the study of magic, typed combat skills in battles with orcs and other nomadic tribes making devastating inroads on the earth people, the independence and freedom of people appreciate the most, among a lot of people courageous, strong heroes who are ready to lead soldiers and to free the world from Aeos demons; 2. Moon elves - beautiful, graceful, ambitious race, they are a bit arrogant, but if you become their friend, they will not leave you in the lurch never, prefer sunlight moon hence got its name, live 7 times longer than people who love the music and the bosom of nature, beautiful warriors, but physical strength prefer stealth, they make good rogues, all the elves enchanted by the magic art of the great mages, they often combine magic and combat skills; 3. Themery - mysterious race who have succeeded in the study of lassoing magic, which do not recognize those who worship the gods, themery learned to absorb mystical energy from the abyss of chaos and to create with its help, miracles, turning their skills in magic slim art, other races don't trust them completely, as they believe that they are able at any moment to go over to the dark forces, however, they must be considered for their ability to incinerate enemies and respected for his assistance to the allies. Classes in the browser game StormThrone: 1. WARRIOR is physically strong, brave melee fighter, preferring to fight with the enemy face-to-face with two-handed sword, his spirit and body is just made for battle, he lives to fight, falling into a rage, few of his enemies will withstand his powerful physical attack, elegance he does not possess, but his ability to skillfully fight with causing significant damage to the enemy, earned at other fighters universal respect;
    2. PALADIN is a noble knight, the defender of the weak, a melee masterfully wielding a sword and shield, his code of honor would not allow him to inflict vile attacks from ambush, he was accustomed to look death in the face, worshipping the sun goddess Beruva, he gave the Holy vow to fight for justice and even the Holy light coming from him, helps him in battles against the enemies; 3. HUNTER is aptly elegant shooter, preferring to keep the enemy at a distance, ranged fighter with causing great damage to the enemy, can hit multiple targets, its main weapon is a bow and arrows, with which he began to learn to shoot in early childhood, with the invention of gunpowder, he successfully mastered and firearms, in addition he can hold his own in melee ikuno wielding a dagger, worship of the goddess Tem can acquire the knowledge of nature to help him in battle, to set traps for enemies; 4. ROGUE - agile quick fighter, operating covertly from the shadows, he distinguished nobility and can strike a sudden blow in the back, previously poisoned his melee weapon, and then suddenly disappear, not allowing the enemy to come to my senses, but to fight the demons living in the shadow of the need to act their methods, his lightning attack with numerous tricks and high critical chance, able to cause great damage to the enemy; 5. MAGE - intelligent warrior with a deep magical knowledge, preferring to keep a safe distance from the enemy, as, does not have high physical health, but his weakness of body, is offset by a huge amount of damage he can inflict on the enemy, his powerful long-range spells can destroy most of your enemies, even not allowing them to strike a blow, his weapon is the elementals of nature, which he calls for the destruction of enemies; 6. PRIEST - the ultimate warrior in team fights, his Holy and steadfast faith in the triumph of good over evil (as we know without faith cannot defeat the strong enemies) and gives strength to nearby allies, creates a protective aura, his prayers could heal the wounded, he draws its strength from the gods which is and becomes a sacred force with which the enemies have to reckon with both in team and in individual battles.

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   Join in the game Storm the Throne completely, as the game itself is free or login with your existing account with Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live ID or Google+.
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   Each character in the browser game Stormthrone has the following stats: 1. HP - health points, when the time reaches 0 the character on the battle dies; 2. MP (Mana) - mana points required to use skills; 3. Move Speed is the movement speed, base value 660, can be improved by different methods; 4. Strength - increases PATK physical attack by 2 per point; 5. Agility - increases PATK by 2 per point; 6. Intelligence - increases MATK magic attack by 2 per point; 7. Spirit - increases PDEF and MDEF physical and magic defense by 2 per point; 8. Stamina - increases HP health by 10 per point; 9. PATK - base value is increased by the acquired physical skills and weapons; 10. MATK - depends on magical abilities and weapons; 11. PDEF - depends on physical skills and equipment; 12. MDEF - depends on magical abilities and equipment; 13. Crit - critical hit depends on the skills and attacks; 14. Hit - effectiveness of damage in % ratio, the probability to remove the evasion of the enemy on impact; 15. Dodge - efficacy to avoid damage in % ratio, the potential bias from physical and magical attacks; 16. Precision is the probability of hitting bumps; 17. Parry - probability parry damage done; 18. Haste - the cooldown of the skills in action % a; 19. PK attack - affects physical and magical attack in PvP battles in % ratio; 20. PK defense - affects physical and magic defense in PvP battles in % ratio; CDMG/Overkill - the likelihood of causing additional damage after a critical hit. Basic equipment you will receive after completing training quest in the beginners pack, individual items can be found in bonus boxes and the destruction of the mobs. One of the classic methods to increase stats is to improve the equipment of your character in "the Forge". In browser-based online game Storm the Throne can be crafted better gear, to do this you need gold is a primary game currency, drawings and resources that are mined in quests, it is possible to process one type of resource to another, some of them can be bought in the game store, the rig has several levels of upgrades, inlaid with precious stones and enchantment.
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   The main game currency in the fantasy game Storm Throne - gold is used everywhere and often, earned available means - in PvE and PvP battles, going from the many boxes, chests, jugs, is charged with performing certain achievements, different bonuses and units - diamonds are bought for real, and stands out in the form of drops in dungeons with bosses and some other events of the game. The game has mini-games with exclusive bonus packs. The battle system in the game in the browser Stormthrone in real time and requires the coordination of attention, by attacking the enemy, you yourself during the battle, choose which of the available active skills to use - activate by pressing the appropriate hotkeys, after the strike, depending on your opponent and stats system with visualization of damage and some other stats, calculates and determines the winner, the character can move and jump (right click mouse) in any direction, there is a range of the shooting area, break through obstacles. In the game you can have unlimited number of battle Pets first pet you get after completing the appropriate quest. Each pet has its own stats and unique skills, as well as the level of development (increased method of training), they can increase forever some stats of your character, depending on loyalty, loyalty is increased with items that can be found worldwide Aeos. Pets can be caught in any location of the world and even when completing quests, you need to pay attention to them, found it necessary several times to click on it, Pets can also activate multiple parts that you can buy on the black market, also found in the bonus boxes. In the game a huge amount of PvE and PvP battles, challenging dungeons with elite bosses are traversed in a group with other players, various tournaments, there are guilds and much more. This concludes our introductory review of the game in the browser Storm the Throne. If you like playing massive role-playing MMORPG, now and in the browser, how to start playing in StormThrone see our Video: Gameplay StormThrone video for the game Storm the Throne. Nice game!