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League of Angels online browser game in the fantasy genre, a dynamic arcade game with elements of strategy, developed and published by YOUZU Games Hongkong Limited in February 2014 (the game is in English) - release of the game. The game world League of Angels is a fantasy world of endless confrontation between the forces of good and evil angels and demons. You are invited to form a team of fearless heroes, to teach them the art of war, and to speak out against demonic forces, led by their patrons angels. A huge number of demons variegated stripes, flooded the world of League of Angels will be easier to destroy, together with the same as you and the adventurers. Beautiful 3D graphics with 2D gameplay, with well-chosen music and sound, with simple intuitive controls give you more than one day of fun games and fun. Exciting battles with demons, and with other real players, which revealed a desire to measure their strength in the arena, duels, and groups of 3x3, 5x5, 10x10, under the patronage of a strong, beautiful angels, will allow you to pass your free time. Play League of Angels to start simply, you are free registration is required to play League of Angels, with a standard authentication when you log into the game. League of Angels is a browser - based online game with a status of Free-to-Play, which means that you can play it free, without downloading and installing the game on PC!
   Immediately after registration in League of Angels, starting to play League of Angels online browser game, you do your first mission - the liberation of the angel Nocturna - training evaluation the battle, after which you need to create your character, choose your gender and to determine the class. All classes in the game, the main character of two: 1. Warrior is a melee fighter, classic tank with good attack damage to the enemy and powerful equipment and 2. Mage - ranged fighter, sorcerer, who is not as powerful armor as a warrior, but he has a higher chance to critically strike on the enemy and a variety of special abilities. Each character in the game League of Angels is characterized by the following basic parameters: points of life, physical attack, magic attack, physical defense, magical defense, chance of critical hit, the speed of the strike, skill and ability. The characteristics of the character are improved when using the equipment: weapon increases physical attack; clothing increases physical defense; pants increase magic defence; helmets increase life points; ring increases the chance to critically strike; the boots improves dexterity. Power equipment can be identified by its color: white - common green - rare; blue - rare purple - epic; orange - legendary; and red - mythological. Good equipment for your character you can earn by completing quests in the dungeons in PvE fights with monsters, and PvP arena fights in battles with other players.
   Starting to play League of Angels you start fighting under the auspices of the angel of the night Nocturna (increases physical attack, one hero with 200 HP), later you can unlock other angels: Amora, Nyssa, Angelina, Claudia, Boadicea, Glacia, Loralei, Marina, Lunaria, Sylvia, Prospera, each of which has its own particular characteristics and specific skills with bonuses that can be improved. In addition to the angels you in the tavern to hire a team of up to 5 characters (units) of different classes and specializations: Astral Child - mage, to support from a far distance, the Green Ranger - Archer, to support long range, Pyrona - fire mage, to attack from close distances, Zweihander - knight, powerful tank melee, Mermaid - healer, heals soldiers of the first row from a far distance, the Nightblade is a clever thief, for rapid attacks in melee, Rose Knight - noble knight, for defense and attack in melee, Grimbow - hunter with a fire arrow to attack in melee. Furthermore, the presence of paired combinations of 2 characters, generates another unique skill for these heroes. Heroes can be developed through training and method of training, increasing their combat characteristics. Reaching the 24 levels of the game you will be able to get stronger equipment, weapons and mounts. The game has a crafting system, can itself produce items, upgrade them to enhance their properties insert them in precious stones. The combat system in browser-based online game League of Angels step-by-step, fully automatic, before the fight, you need to select angels, heroes, used to exhibit skills and wear the right gear, the system will calculate whose party stronger. League of Angels online browser game League of Angels offers you a huge amount of PvE fights with demons in the locations, dungeons - single, group (with strong bosses need to join in a group together and destroy them). PvP battles can be performed at the arena in duels, 3x3, 5x5, in clan battles 10x10 (the Fight for the flag) - has 5 areas for attack, mounted with the flags that you need to capture.

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   To register in the game League of Angels you is not difficult, you only need a valid email address. Check the game League of Angels is completely free and runs in a standard normal with confirmation of your account by e-mail.

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   As the game currency in the browser game League of Angels used gold - in-game currency earned in the game, vouchers and loyalty currency in the game and diamonds are bought for real or it is possible to earn legitimate way of freelancing - watching videos, playing games, signing up for websites, and more. One of the nice features in League of Angels browser-based online game League of Angels is holding a virtual marriages between players. For this to be the following conditions are met: a marriage can be registered only heterosexual; both parties must have game level not lower than 40; both parties must be in their lists of friends; to have a minimum of 1999 intim points; at least one set of wedding rings; - to be present at the time of marriage in the game online. Weddings are held from 10 am to 11 PM server time, one wedding lasts 20 minutes and can be type - General, romance and fantasy with matching gift chests. Wedding can be invited guests, one player per day can participate in 3 weddings, players blacklisted can't participate in the wedding and stay in them as guests. The bride and groom can earn points passions making guests gifts, guests also gave them the passion of blessing the couple, arranging fireworks and throwing confetti. After a wedding party the bride and groom and guests receive a gift chests, and if you have enough points of passion, and then additional gifts. Divorce in the online game League of Angels by mutual agreement or unilaterally, if your spouse has not been in the game 10 days in a row. League of Angels is a new game and is updated quite often, the lack of the Russian translation of the game for experienced players won't have difficulties, besides it is possible to join the Russian-speaking Guild, where more experienced players will help you and advise. How to start to play League of Angels, see our video for the game League of Angels Gameplay.
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League of Angels online browser game
League of Angels online browser game
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