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Bleach Online browser game Bleach Online - in the style of anime action game with elements of real-time strategy in a fantasy world, created and published by Studio GoGames" in 2014. The game in the browser Bleach Online created based on the popular and world-famous Japanese manga Bleach - first published by the author Taito Kubo, in the magazine "Weekly Shonen Jump" back in 2001. The storyline of the manga based on the amazing adventures of a Japanese school student Ichigo Kurosaki is having a fantastic ability to see spirits and Rukia Kuchiki is a good conductor of souls from the other world, protecting people from the dark forces, who Ichigo Kurosaki part of their supernatural abilities. As the story progresses, manga acquires new heroes - the forces of good and evil. Inexhaustible imagination of the author with the talented design in the form of comics, has gained recognition all over the world, the release of new chapters of the manga is still ongoing, all the world famous publishers. The entertainment industry in the manga were created: endless anime series, rock musicals, cartoons, a few dozen games for PC and consoles, card collection, with images of the characters of the manga are available in different goods. If you are not familiar with the manga, then you are given a great opportunity to get acquainted with it for free online, in a new browser games Bleach Online is as close as possible to the narratives of the manga. Fans of the manga, the game will certainly bring great fun - what could be better than to participate in the events of your favorite comic book, meet friends, associates, in addition, the game allows you to change the course of events in the manga and offers exciting new adventures! Play Bleach Online exciting and interesting, the game interface is similar to the management and development of the characters in such popular browser games like Demon of Clear, League of Angels, Legion of the Dead and others. The game is distributed free model FP, without downloading and installing.
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   After the standard check-in browser game Bleach Online, you need to create your character, come up with a unique name or generate it automatically, choose a floor and to determine its class. All classes in the game three: 1. Swordsman (Ghost Blade) - physically strong fighter melee main weapon is the sword, the team plays the role of the tank and avant-garde warrior can fall into a rage; 2. Archer (Spirit Blade) - accurate fighter valid at medium range, the main weapon is a bow and arrows, with average health and protection, causing great damage; 3. The magician (Kido) is a wise fighter, with high power of the spirit, his weapon spells call elemental forces of nature can heal, operates in the far distance, in poor health and protection from physical attacks, the team needs the protection of the allies. Each character has the following basic parameters: damage and attack power, overall health; life; physical attack power physical shock; magic attack (spiritual power) - power of magic (spiritual) attacks; physical protection - protection from physical attack; magic (spiritual) protection - protection from magic (spiritual) attack of the enemy; speed - determines who is the first of opponents will attack; endurance - resistance; agility - determines the first move of your additional characters; Crete - chance to inflict the opponent crit; block - the probability of blocking enemy attack; the counter - probability after hitting the enemy to inflict attack; the support - probability of support allies at the magician.
   The parameters of the character in the browser game Bleach Online, you can improve with the help of his equipment in the game is earned when completing quests, drop from bosses and other activities. Each piece of equipment allows you to increase the following parameters character: weapons physical force or magic attack; headgear and armor - protection from physical attack; the cloak - protection from magical attacks; shoes - speed, belt - health. Equipment on the force divided by color in ascending order: white, green, blue, purple, gold and red, has several quality levels, it is impossible to raise the level above the corresponding level of the hero. The equipment can be improved by the insertion method of the stones to buy in the store Kisuke Urahara or get as a reward at the destruction of the bosses found in the treasure chests and other events in the game. Stones for inserting increase certain parameters of the character: Strength, Spirit Stone - increases the power of physical attacks and the protection of the allies. Agility Spirit Stone - increases agility, the higher the score, the sooner you go your allies; Wisdom Spirit Stone - increases magic attack and defense with probability healing allies; Stamina Spirit Stone - increases health points; Hit Spirit Stone - reduces the chance of the enemy to evade your attacks; Dodge Spirit Stone - increases the chance to evade enemy attacks; Crit Spirit Stone - increases your chance to hit the enemy with a critical hit; Block Spirit Stone - increases the probability of blocking enemy attack; Break Defence Spirit Stone - reduces the chance your opponent to block your attack; Counter Spirit Stone - reduces the chances of your opponent's critical strike; Fury - increases glasses rage. Some items of equipment can be crafted, it is necessary to collect the necessary resources, the level of the subject cannot be above a certain level.

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   Check in Bleach Online standard and fast, after verification and authorization, you will be able to login in the game Bleach Online from any hardware device connected to the Internet, because you will play in the browser without installing the game.
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   The parameters of the character in the game in the browser Bleach Online, you can also improve using weapons S - class, affecting certain characteristics: 1. Strength Treasure - on the power of physical attacks; 2. Wisdom Treasure - strength magic attack; 3. Agility Treasure - skill; Stamina Treasure - endurance. Weapons S - class is subdivided to the extent of increasing the color - blue, purple and gold. Additional characters are employed in the tavern for the soul, upon reaching 13th level of the game and take the appropriate quest. Souls come in 4 types: blue, purple, yellow and red. Strength depends on what type of shower you buy it. The game is made for the anime series "Bleach" and their ability as close to their heroes. To participate in the battle can be up to 5 additional characters, it is possible to employ not more than 10, unused during the battle are stored in the repository. To quickly increase the level of additional characters you can use EXP scrolls, you can get as a reward for some quests and battles. Additional characters in battle are divided into 3 categories: 1. Vanguard is at the front position and protects against physical attacks weaker allies (one seat); 2. Assaulter - the main fighting force, placed in the center position (three seats); 3. Support - used to support allies, give various bonuses, heal and help the team, placed in the rear ranks (three places). The strategy of arrangement of characters you can choose, depending on classes and leveling your characters. To improve the efficiency of the characters in battle there is a system Zanpakuto (cuts the soul sword). Sword Zanpakuto gives a percentage bonus to the characteristics of the characters in certain categories, as well as by the materialization of the sword in battle, you receive a special character deals damage, but not receiving damage (he will lose if your characters die), to improve or get a new sword Zanpakuto necessary Soul, which can be obtained when certain tasks and in battles.
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   The combat system in the game in the browser Bleach Online animated, step-by-step, in automatic mode, the battle lasts 20 rounds, if none at this time it is not won, the winner is determined by the system on points. The sequence of moves is determined by the value of the speed of the characters. Before the fight, the player puts his team on the seat position can change gear and assigns existing skills. Change the composition of the team, participating in the battle and their position in the menu "Formation". For more strong skills main character you want to improve your level and purchase souls in battle, to improve and acquire new abilities (after 7 tasks). PvE fights happen as executions story quests, and events in a certain time of day. When reaching a certain level, you will also open access to Trial Tower, which has five levels of difficulty, where you can earn different rewards, and also you can go to Soul Hunt in search of the wandering spirits and earn additional prizes and awards. PvP fights are held in the arena, access to the arena opens when reaching level 20 the game and complete the associated quest, and events. For winning in PvP besides the well-deserved rewards you may receive a random bonus flipping one of the 3 cards. The game also has bonuses for daily log in the game and in the class of Numa for answers to questions in the transition to the new levels of the game.
   Events: Evil Spirit (Evil Spirit) - the battle with the boss of the world, begins at 12:59 - 13:30 daily; Guild War gilgiana war, starts at 19:30 daily; Ryoka Attack - war of the monsters in the main city, beginning at 21:00 daily; Protect Seireitei - war between guilds, check-in 19:00 start 19:20 daily. To join the Guild or create your own, you can already with 19 levels in the Guild special award. 's money in Bleach Online: silver - main in game currency earned in the game available methods, often used; gold is a certain amount you can earn in the game by completing quests and other events in the game, mainly bought for real, you can buy rare items or become a VIP player and enjoy special privileges; coupons - alternative to gold, but not all, are earned in-game events. In conclusion, we can say that the game is made on modern graphics level, with a careful drawing of the locations and characters in the anime style, with built-stylish music tracks, lots of special effects and images of anime characters. For fans of the manga Bleach Online is a godsend, other players will also get great pleasure from the game, because it is built on the already recognized worldwide the story of a popular manga. How to start playing Bleach Online, the passage of the initial levels look at the Video: the video game gameplay Bleach Online.
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