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MU Classic game in the browser MU classic in the fantasy genre, in the style known Diablo, created by South Korean Studio "Webzen" in 2011 (known as the client game MU Online), localized in the browser-based version of the company "NGames" in 2014. Browser game MU Classic has absorbed all the best from her client version, designed in a modern 3D graphics, excellent music and sound and will deliver to all fans of the fantasy genre, not one day a pleasant pastime. The legend of the world - in a Kingdom, hundreds of centuries, life went on as usual - happily and peacefully, people lived in perfect harmony and harmony with fragrant nature, the art of war was forgotten completely - no one who has not attacked. But the unexpected happened, a terrible disaster - dark forces opened entrance in this ideal world and attacked him, turning wild animals into horrible bloodthirsty monsters that destroy everything in its path alive. People just could not fight the demons, and many of them died, but for some reason, monsters could not get into town and it was their only salvation. The city became a refuge, where people began to learn and understand military skill, to produce the weapons and protective armor, calling on their gods and the elements of nature to give them strength in the righteous fight against evil. There have been many clans - fearless experienced warriors with their leaders, specializing both melee and ranged combat, with powerful support for the magical arts and people were able to repel the attacks of the demons, and even to kill their bosses. But armed and armed with military experience, people have increasingly begun to fight among themselves, figuring out who is one of the strongest and most worthy to rule in this world. You are invited to play in MU classic as a knight, gunner, mage and have attained a high level game of mage Gladiator. To start playing MU Classic free, you will be able after a simple free registration without downloading and installing the browser, at the moment the game is in English, but many publishers of online games in Russia, over time, specially for the Russian players localize and translate the game in Russian language, experienced players will have no trouble to play MU classic in English, because the interface and character development similar to other games in the browser.
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   Offer before registering to read the preview browser game MU classic, at the start of the game you need to choose the class of your hero. All in the game there are 4 class at the start of the game only 3 class gender specific: 1. Swordsman (male) - a physically strong fighter melee has high health and armor, specifications development, strength, armor and agility, enhancing their mobility increases, the character development is mainly due to pumping a variety of skills, weapons and physical attacks, as weapons use shields, swords, sabers, spears, maces, axes and other, causing great physical damage to the enemy team take major damage on themselves play the role of a tank, on reaching the 150 level, doing 2-a quest to acquire the rank of knight; 2. Archer (female) - at the start of the game have an average physical health acting at a distance, but higher levels can be achieved with the same force as swordsmen, effectively causing physical damage to the opponent, they can also explore the magic of the support, to heal yourself and allies and some attack spells, specifications development, agility, strength and intelligence, their weapons are a bow and arrows, crossbows, archers can become a universal soldiers, after 150 level, doing 2-a quest pass in grade shooters; 3. Mage (male) - physically weak warrior, operating from a safe distance, but can cause huge damage to the opponent, also mages can heal yourself and allies, the characteristics of the development of the intellect, agility and movement speed, weapon - wand and spells, reaching 150 level doing the quest 2 get the rank of master magician; 4. MAG - Gladiator (male) - universal soldier available to players who have achieved the 220 level, it has all the advantages of a knight and master magician, effectively fights with close range with the help of blades and shield, and so far, using magic, all features can be pumped up to maximum levels.
  Main features in the browser game MU Classic standard: level: health - life character in battle; mana needed to use magic skills; armor - protection glasses; experience - experience points earned in battle, used to jump to new levels, physical and magical attack and defense; strength - affects physical attack and damage; mobility - on armor, attack speed and double damage; survivability - on glasses health; intellect for mana and magic attack; protection shield - damage absorption shield until you run out of glasses protection; attack skills; speed of movement, attack speed, crit - chance; double damage - probability; glasses Pvp. In - game currency is gold inside the main in-game currency, earned in the game available methods and in the form of bonuses and the diamonds - Donat, bought for real, in the game you can get for completing certain quests, sales and promotions. The character development is performed by running a story quests, where you earn in-game currency, some items, resources, experience points and gain skills, some maps of the skills you can buy in-game store. The game has a crafting system, you need to collect the necessary amount of resources in the form of precious stones and articles and to synthesize the desired item (weapons, potions enhancing characteristics, angel wings, and other), for each subject requires different resources and their number, some of them can be bought on the market or in the store. All items have multiple levels, you can improve, it needs to have the required amount of gold and precious stones, the higher the level, the less the likelihood of success. You can bring any players in friends, in a special menu, Social, even if they don't know about it, just do them if you are not listed as a friend you will not appear, from friends you can recruit a team co-op complex dungeons or Vice versa, you can put your enemies in the black list players often attacking you violate the rules, and the like.

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   Check the game MU Classic fast and free, all you need is to come up with a unique username and a password to log into the game MU classic. For registration use only a valid email address because you will receive a confirmation created game account. Before registering in the MU Classic, it is recommended to update your flash player to the latest version.
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   It should be remembered that during the battles of strength equipment is reduced after contact with enemy attacks and when it will be close to 0, it will cease to perform their functions over time it will be restored, you can restore it immediately for gold. Synthesizing the appropriate equipment you will be able to fly and even drive underwater battles. In the game have Pets, the teleportation system, auto search, maps, achievements system, the clans, the system of punishment for aggression, bonuses for daily entry into the game, a wide variety of skills and other chips a full-fledged MMORPG. The battle system is a browser-based online game MU classic real-time, using the method of "point-and-click", the more you'll click with the mouse on the enemy, the greater the probability of hits and less chance of evasion. You can assemble a team of players (some only as part of the clan) and come together for Pve zones Devil Square, Seal Devil, Bounty Event, Golden Castle, Vulcanus, Blood Castle; Pvp zones Castle Siege. The game system RK - allows you to switch between 4 modes: 1. World - peace mode, you cannot attack other players; 2. The team can attack all players, except the members of your team; 3. The Guild can attack all players from other clans, but your; 4. Free Pvp mode - can attack all players, including the allies. For non-game modes follow a different punishment. All the battles have abundant colorful special effects, specific sounds and nice music, in fact it is a full client online game of 2011, but only in the browser without downloading and installing. Schedule games with game mechanics you can look at our video game Video: Gameplay Start passing the initial levels. On the Asian market the client version of the game from the creators of South Korean Studio "Webzen MU Online has become very popular and even had Chinese plagiarism games MUX Online, you are invited to play in MU classic - official licensed game in the browser. Nice game and a successful victories in a fascinating fantasy world!
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